Parks & Recreation

According to the National Recreation & Park Association, nearly all local government officials believe that parks and recreational programming are essential to their communities. Funding parks can increase safety, improve economic development and public health, support schools and can also help increase revenues. But strained resources often end up leaving these departments with reduced budgets. Generating the needed funding to support and operate local parks comes from a variety of sources, including federal and state governments, as well as foundations and private partners. In addition, strategies to maintain vibrant and safer parks involve multiple stakeholders, including public safety and other local government departments, as well as community groups.

The American flag is considered a living symbol under federal law. We must treat it as such.
Jackson County Parks and Roads Director John Vial took the helm of the county’s new emergency operations center when the county’s health department was overwhelmed due to COVID-19
Research has shown that parks keep people happy in times of global crisis, economic shutdown and public anger
First responders said they have had to slowly navigate large apparatus around the potholes to respond to many emergencies at the park’s pond and cliff-hiking area
All 50 states and Washington, D.C., have declared a state of emergency; compare state actions to reduce the spread of the virus
A roundup of how local parks and recreation departments are helping residents stay both healthy and safe as the pandemic threatens communities
The CDC now recommends organizers cancel or postpone gatherings of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks
The makeover calls for unique playground equipment with a forest theme, a picnic and lawn area, an off-leash dog park, adult exercise equipment, a vendor kiosk and public restrooms with an attendant.
An integrated strategy includes cleaning up graffiti, prosecuting vandals, working with the community and decoding threats
South Bend is enhancing community assets and safety through a $50 million parks redevelopment effort. Part of long-term planning on pedestrian safety enhancements, a city-owned bike repair shop supports bike commuting in the city’s West Side.
Top issues include economic development, infrastructure and public health while parks and recreation and police department are important areas of focus for mayors in their 2019 state of cities speeches, according to the National League of Cities.
A sanitation truck, snow removal equipment or public works vehicle are moveable barriers that can harden mass gatherings from vehicle terror attacks and other threats.
Establishing large event security communications plans can serve your organization well in both planned and unplanned events.
FirstNet services, devices and training prepare first responders and emergency communications at the Citizen Potawatomi Tribe’s annual FireLake Fireflight Balloon Festival in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
Open national parks are experiencing garbage overflows, restroom impacts and illegal off-roading, risking park damage as well as public health and safety impacts due to staffing shortage in government shutdown.