Education & Schools

Local governments provide the primary funding for school districts and face unprecedented challenges and growing complexity. School safety, food programs, afterschool care, mental health awareness and other challenges press local resources and school budgets alike. While making critical decisions based on what schools need is highly localized, Gov1 explores strategies, solutions, best practices and grant funding molding education in the U.S.

“This program is more than financial assistance; it’s a bridge to a brighter future for the families of those who’ve dedicated their lives to our safety,” Representative Matt Gress stated
“Like I’ve said before: See something, say something, hear something, say something,” Mariemont Chief of Police Richard Hines said. “If we hadn’t gotten the tip, I think we would have had a very bad situation”
The abandoned Lexington school will provide training for active shooter situations and other emergencies
The language of the new law states SROs are prohibited from using certain types of restraints when trying to control unruly students
The $230M legislation provides funding for armed SROs at all public schools, increases physical safeguards and enhances mental health services for students
A bill to fund optional handgun training and cover counseling costs in case of a shooting heads to Gov. Eric Holcomb for signing
Learn how to access funds for technologies that will strengthen school security
A simple policy shop for police has grown into a comprehensive suite of operational and wellness solutions for first responders
Two years after the school board cut ties with Denver PD, officers will be posted following the East High School shooting
Education grant writers and managers, do your research now to prepare for the funding available in the FY 2023 U.S. Department of Education budget
10 years later, we continue to grieve, reflect on the power of resilience, and appreciate our first responders
“Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape” teaches simple, but important actions to safe from home and school fires
There are many organizations and funders that focus on school advocacy and literacy grants
The program would require legislative approval and could include $4,000 bonuses to first responders with bachelor’s degrees
The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act includes funding to expand mental health and support services in schools