Public Health

According to the CDC Foundation, public health is the science of protecting and improving health across communities. This is accomplished through public services, educational programs and research initiatives, particularly as they relate to the promotion of healthcare equity. Here we feature information on emergency response for health crises, harm reduction, disease prevention and wellness, access to health services and improving outcomes.

Decriminalization has led to a rise in psilocybin-related calls for young adults and adolescents
The Best in Biz Award recognizes the new version of Lexipol’s Cordico wellness app for first responders
Costa Mesa firefighters, Project Independence members gave disaster preparedness training to adults living with intellectual disabilities
U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell presided over the event that focused on current problems in the fire service
What makes it difficult to guarantee communications access to local government operations – and what technologies are available to help?
Approximately 1,000 patients have been seen at DocGo clinics outside Dollar General stores since the service started last fall
Mayor Justin Bibb’s “Residents First” program will overhaul 23 codes and allow the city to issue tickets, fines
Victims’ lawyers put on notice to have all paperwork submitted in order to speed up the application process
Over 100 deaths are confirmed and approximately 1,000 people are unaccounted for in the Lahaina fire
President Joe Biden met with officials and first responders in the aftermath of a wildfire that killed at least 115 people
Searchers and cadaver dogs have covered 25% of the burned area of Lahaina
Officials say the wildfire that destroyed Lahaina and killed 96 people is 85% contained
The Maui wildfire is the deadliest fire in over a century, and only 3% of the area has been searched
Mayor Michelle Wu said first responders, health professionals have encountered crowds of over 200 in the Mass and Cass area
The bill presumes disabling or fatal infectious diseases were suffered in the line of duty as a result of injury due to uncapped needles