As our colleagues over at explain, grants can be a boon for cash-strapped local government agencies looking to expand or maintain their capabilities. Under the Gov1 Grants topic, we feature funding opportunities from both governmental and private sources as well as success stories of how this hard-earned funding has enabled safer, healthier and all around more resilient communities.

Review the activities in support of the EO 14074 to support safe and effective policing for law enforcement applicants across FEMA’s discretionary grant programs to ensure future funding eligibility
Follow these steps for executing an MOU for your department or agency to receive grant funding
The guide offers a clear road map for organizations aiming to protect against hate crimes and terrorist threats
Understand the distinction and implication of Congressionally Directed Spending and Community Project Funding
Grant funding empowers local governments to create and sustain age-friendly communities
Painesville Fire Chief Tom Hummel said the powered chairs will reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries
Philadelphia is receiving $22.4 million to pay for 72 firefighters’ salaries and benefits for three years, President Joe Biden announced
What makes it difficult to guarantee communications access to local government operations – and what technologies are available to help?
Three Wilkes-Barre Housing Authority high-rises will be outfitted with sprinklers by the summer of 2024
A majority of first responder agencies lack necessary funds for purchasing equipment and technology
An Allegany County program places trained security personnel, some active and some retired police officers, deputies and troopers, in the schools to provide security
Cyber attacks are increasing; the federal government and many states are fighting back with cybersecurity grants
Learn practical information like where to look for grants, how to create a strong application and best practices when writing your case
Learn how to access grants funding for transportation, utilities and other critical national infrastructure