Technology is a ubiquitous part of life in the 21st century, and governments have no choice but to keep pace. In our Technology section, we feature information on digital modernization, smart city initiatives, cybersecurity and community engagement applications that can help municipal agencies improve both the security of local government operations and the safety of communities and public resources.

Artificial intelligence is being tested to see how it can answer non-emergency calls, reducing dispatchers’ workload
U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell presided over the event that focused on current problems in the fire service
San Diego would be the first city in the county to battery storage and disposal
What makes it difficult to guarantee communications access to local government operations – and what technologies are available to help?
Hawaiian Electric President Shelee Kimura acknowledged the company’s downed power line cause the first fire
The AskRail program gives dispatchers information on train contents and provides FFs with hazmat training additional chemical details
Maui County officials sent alerts to cellphones, television and radio stations, but it is unclear if it was before widespread power, cellular outages
San Francisco Fire Department Chief Jeanine Nicholson presented regulators 55 written reports of the robotaxis interfering with emergency response
Hayward dispatchers and public safety personnel are having to track calls using pen and paper
Hayward dispatchers and public safety personnel are having to track calls using pen and paper
Cyber attacks are increasing; the federal government and many states are fighting back with cybersecurity grants
Robotaxis have run through emergency tape, blocked firehouses and proved almost impossible to move out of the way
Federal regulators propose every railroad, nearly 600, push out details on chemicals carried to every first responder near a derailment
Portland’s new battery-powered Volterra fire engine is the second electric fire truck in service in the country
Proponents say the robot will save lives by sending it into dangerous scenarios such as barricades or standoffs, or in situations that might involve explosives