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The Heat and Health Index is a new tool that provides heat-health data at the ZIP code level
The guide offers a clear road map for organizations aiming to protect against hate crimes and terrorist threats
The program forgives the remaining home loan balances for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs or paramedics serviced by CCM who have died in the line of duty
“If the ultimate sacrifice is made, I want [officers] to know we’re there, standing with you, standing with your families,” Gov. Ned Lamont said
The bill mandates that the U.S. establishes safety standards for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in devices like e-bikes to prevent fire risks
Veterinarians play a vital role in emergency situations, not only caring for the K-9 officers, but also tending to pets affected by disaster
Sandy Munro, host of the Munro Live YouTube channel, explores the features and upfitting required to make a Tesla Model Y ready for law enforcement
In a concise one-hour course, participants will learn three essential steps to control bleeding
The move would change marijuana from its current classification as a Schedule I drug, alongside heroin and LSD, to a Schedule III drug, alongside ketamine and some anabolic steroids
Just by boosting your cardiorespiratory fitness by one metabolic equivalent, you can lower your risk of death by 11-17%
The Blackman-Leoni Township Department of Public Safety will be receiving a new Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus using funds from Michigan’s Marijuana Excise Tax
Teachers who want to carry must be approved by the school principal, school district and a local law enforcement agency, and must undergo a background check and training
The law increases penalties for anyone who assaults or kills a law enforcement animal, including a hefty fine on top of paying for medical costs