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Auditors also found that the board reimbursed fire departments for training courses without getting documentation on who provided the trainings and their qualifications
The city agreed to pay the officer $145,000 and to rewrite its civil service medical examiner’s policies
“This program is more than financial assistance; it’s a bridge to a brighter future for the families of those who’ve dedicated their lives to our safety,” Representative Matt Gress stated
Once a patient is given the drug, the Seattle Fire Department’s Health 99 team — firefighters and case workers dedicated to overdose calls — steps in to connect patients with services such as treatment centers
Improving staffing at Georgia’s prisons is one of the biggest challenges facing the system; A senator said it was important to study the staffing issue and come up with solutions to attract qualified COs
“I hope by inviting a current 911 dispatcher, I am able to bring awareness to this important issue and my bill, the 911 Saves Act to finally give them the recognition and resources they need and deserve,” Rep. Norma Torres said
Inspectors found several eased space sites across the state failed inspections in the aftermath of the Nov. freeway fire
The new Forensic Services Laboratory 117,672 square feet of office and lab space; its 152 staffers work with the nearly 300 law enforcement agencies in the state
San Francisco Police Department leaders and city officials expect to launch the task force in the spring of 2024 to investigate opioid deaths and illicit drug operations as potential homicide cases
Portland saw a record number of fatalities in the homeless population due to drug overdoses
Painesville Fire Chief Tom Hummel said the powered chairs will reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries
Lower Merion Township officials increased the qualifying property tax credit to 100 percent
The abandoned Lexington school will provide training for active shooter situations and other emergencies