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Sandy Munro, host of the Munro Live YouTube channel, explores the features and upfitting required to make a Tesla Model Y ready for law enforcement
Portland saw a record number of fatalities in the homeless population due to drug overdoses
Painesville Fire Chief Tom Hummel said the powered chairs will reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries
Lower Merion Township officials increased the qualifying property tax credit to 100 percent
The abandoned Lexington school will provide training for active shooter situations and other emergencies
Prevention, increased demands and community awareness are what the Woodland Fire Department will address over five years
State legislators study Norway’s rehabilitative incarceration model to combat high recidivism rates in California
The 12 cities claim the zero-bail schedule for nonviolent felonies and misdemeanors will result in a “significant increase in criminals released back into the community”
Mayor Justin Bibb’s “Residents First” program will overhaul 23 codes and allow the city to issue tickets, fines
The Bloomington City Council’s agreement with Stryker will outfit FD vehicles with the latest technology
The American Rescue Plan funds allocation will provide every CO with a panic button-equipped portable radio
200 COs, who oppose the move, and the 500 inmates they oversee will be relocated from the floating jail to Rikers Island
Funding from the American Rescue Plan is helping Narberth Ambulance replace aging cardiac monitors
The Drug Enforcement Administration will conduct a lengthy review process at the request of President Biden