Lexi Wessling

Lexi Wessling is a freelance writer completing criminal justice studies. She has worked as a writer and copy editor for more than seven years.

Federal and state legislation is limiting the number of refugees who will be accepted in the U.S. in 2020, but is this a boon for public safety?
Reigniting passion for the job, setting a good example and focusing on people can help your center thrive.
Setting examples, planning small victories and inspiring shared visions can help your PSAP attract and retain great employees.
Interoperability has been a challenge for many agencies in the past, but it’s more possible than ever with coordination and care.
Evolving PSAP technology makes it easier to save lives, but also makes it more difficult to protect from cyber threats.
Out in the field, wireless communications and data on building layouts can be critical incident command and officer safety challenges. Cutting edge broadband and cloud-based technologies offer solutions.
Emergency communications centers can protect their data through updating security technology, monitoring networks and preparing disaster recovery plans.
Public safety data interoperability problems can be solved with interagency cooperation and the technology we use on our personal devices every day.
APCO’s Voices Behind the Incident seminar brought together dispatchers that responded to the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting to talk about their experiences and share insights on large-scale incident management.
Coexisting LMR and LTE systems can help keep your public safety agencies running smoothly while FirstNet evolves.