CloudHauz open for business and ready to build emergency and homeless shelters required for current/future US crises

Homeless shelters, medical facilities and other structures are available in 30 days

MORAGA, Calif. -- CloudHauz™, a provider of disaster-resistant dwellings, announced today it has formally launched the company months earlier than anticipated in order to address the emergency housing situation worsened by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company has ramped up its East Coast manufacturing facility and has begun to mass produce two dwellings needed for the COVID-19 crisis. The CloudHauz Mini™ is for the homeless currently sleeping on the streets and in unsafe encampments; and the CloudHauz Studio™ that comes as a trailer or can be a stand-alone dwelling or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The company and manufacturing plant are exempt from the quarantine, and will remain open for business as usual, as such manufacturing is considered essential for building emergency dwellings to support the crisis. CloudHauz dwellings are hazard-resistant, emergency-grade and can be used up to 300 years.

“We are incredibly saddened by the destruction and death COVID-19 has inflicted on all people around the globe and our hearts and blessings go out to everyone,” said Lisa Copass, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudHauz. “We believe this natural disaster is a wake-up call, prompting us to rebuild our lives and our planet in a more thoughtful, responsible manner that reduces suffering and death in future disasters. CloudHauz is helping to rebuild our planet with dwellings that give people, homes and business the best chance of survival in natural disasters.”

“CloudHauz has launched at an auspicious time in history,” said Chip MacDowell, COO and Co-Founder of CloudHauz. “We started the company last summer to tackle homelessness caused by the California wildfires and the housing crisis. We did not see an epidemic coming, which just complicates our housing issues. We are all in this together and CloudHauz is here to help.”

CloudHauz Mini™:
The CloudHauz Mini™ is an 8x12 foot dwelling that provides shelter to those high-risk individuals living in the streets and need to upgrade to a humane dwelling where they are warm, safe and can practice distancing and receive services. CloudHauz dwellings are a far superior option for housing victims of homelessness, compared to the current and commonly used pre-fabricated “wood sheds” or “garages” and that are not made for human habitation; they burn in fires; they rot and mold; have no thermal value and are made with carcinogenic wood. CloudHauz dwellings are designed for human habitation, are fire, earthquake, and hurricane-resistant. They do not mold or rot and are non-toxic.

CloudHauz Studio™:
The CloudHauz Studio™ is an 8x20 foot shelter that can either be a trailer or an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) placed on piers or on concrete in locations like a driveway, back yard, fairground – anywhere there is a flat surface. The trailer or ADU is ideal for families that have first responders that are at high-risk of COVID exposure and have decided not to live in the house for fear of spread. Currently such high-risk workers, are being housed in hotels and other places, further isolating them from their families. To have a detached living space where they can still be physically close and comforted by the fact that they are still coming home to the family is a best case scenario. The CloudHauz Studio can also be transformed in to a mobile medical facility or clinic that travels to help those in need.

CloudHauz dwellings come in all shapes and sizes and share the following qualities and traits:

  • Hazard-Resistance: Because CloudHauz uses woodless structures (only galvanized steel and composite), they are fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant (up to 9 on the Richter scale), and hurricane-resistant (winds up to 200 mph). They have high thermal values (R-59). Because of the compounds used, there’s no food source for mold, termites, fungus, dry rot or rodents to thrive on or destroy.
  • Durable: CloudHauz dwellings use a 30 year old, patented steel and composite construction technology that’s more durable than wood structures. The construction technology has already been used in 70,000 dwellings in 28 countries globally. CloudHauz dwellings can last up to 300 years, as galvanized steel and composite have a long life spans. Steel and composite are the materials used by the aerospace industries to make airplanes and space crafts.
  • Eco-Friendly: CloudHauz dwellings are extremely eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. The structural materials are manufactured in an entirely green facility with no waste and no environmental pollution and does not produce off-gasses or toxins. The Steel SIPs and non-toxic to humans or animals. By using steel and composite SIPs and not wood construction, we slow down deforestation which is adding to our global climate crisis. CloudHauz dwellings come with solar roofing (as an option), making them Title 24 compliant.
  • Fast and Easy Assembly: The structure of a CloudHauz comes in pre-fabricated, lightweight panels which save an enormous amount of time in labor. The structures assemble in an inter-locking tongue and groove style and require two tools – an electric screwdriver and hot knife/saw. The prefabricated panels reduce project completion time by 50%, reduces labor costs by 75% and cost of materials by 50%, compared to wood construction projects.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: CloudHauz dwellings look like any other structure. One would not know it was a CloudHauz unless the exterior cladding and interior walling was removed – the steel beams and composite foam would be visible. The structure of a CloudHauz can be finished (exterior finish) with virtually any cladding material including; brick, Hardie Board, vinyl, synthetic stucco and more.
  • Certifications: In addition to being Title 24-compliant and Net Zero-Approved, the structure of a CloudHauz meets certified building codes in all 50 states, is HUD-approved and ASTM International-certified.
  • Insurable: Because of superior construction durability, CloudHauz dwellings are eligible for homeowners insurance through all major carriers.
  • Jobs for Vets: CloudHauz supports and is offering priority jobs to US disabled veterans and will provide training on how to assemble CloudHauz dwellings.
  • Made in the USA: CloudHauz structural materials are 100% made in the USA.

How It Works – The Process:

Agencies and companies interested in CloudHauz dwellings, either the CloudHauz Mini or the CloudHauz Studio are asked to call or email the company at the contact information below.
Customers can also submit any architectural plans and drawings to CloudHauz. A quote for materials and building will be provided. Once finalized, CloudHauz will ship all materials to the designated land site where their contractors and construction workers will assemble the dwelling according to plan.

West Coast Manufacturing Facility Coming Soon:

In anticipation of high demand, CloudHauz is planning to open a manufacturing facility on the West Coast which will take approximately 9-15 months once funding is secured. In the interim, the East Coast factory will be operating 24/7 or as needed to help meet nationwide demand. It’s estimated the company needs to raise approximately $7 million for the West Coast factory and is looking to build on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA, which is an opportunity zone, helping to build jobs and restore the community.

About CloudHauz – Dwellings for a New Planet:

CloudHauz provides hazard-resistant dwellings that give people, homes, and businesses the best chance of survival in natural disasters. Made from composite and steel, our woodless structural insulated panels (SIP’s) are easier on the environment, economical, and insurable. The company’s primary goal is to help people and the planet. We do that by manufacturing, designing, and building dwellings that provide the best chance of survival in natural disasters. CloudHauz and its strategic partners have built multiple homes in California and have many more under development. The company has a combined experience of over 600 years in the areas of construction, architectural design, electrical and HVAC engineering, real estate development, solar power, city planning, government relations, marketing and finance. Of equal importance to the company is the concern for our planet. CloudHauz promotes building with less wood and timber construction. Instead, using an alternative of steel and composite. The weaning off of wood will reduce deforestation which is a major cause of climate change. Our forests are the lungs of the planet and thereby absorb much of our CO2 emissions. By using steel and composite construction structures, we lighten the load on our forests and allow them to flourish again. CloudHauz is a newly formed LLC (June 2019) and will be filing for B-Corp status in the coming months. The company is headquartered in Moraga, CA.