L.A.’s GIS Platform Goes Live, New Transit Apps to Follow

City of Los Angeles partnered with Esri to build GeoHub, a GIS portal of more than 500 maps, and will develop new transit-related applications to inform the public, first responders, and decision-makers.

City of Los Angeles, Calif. partnered with tech-giant Esri to build the recently launched Los Angeles GeoHub, a geographic information system (GIS) portal that harnesses the power of 500 types of map data in order to better inform and coordinate construction, road paving, and public safety projects.

Data sets are available, but to demonstrate the power of GeoHub, the city will develop some new transit-related applications, including “The Road to 2400,” which will track L.A.’s Bureau of Street Services’ progress on paving 2,400 miles of street lanes per year.

According to the Mayor Eric Garecetti’s website, GeoHub is a pillar in his “broader strategy of using technology and data to delivery transparency, efficiency, and community engagement.”

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