Chief Joe Jardin claims Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh ignored a call to support the ban and would not invite city council members to training on the fires
One migrant at the Logan Square 14th District station was taken to the hospital for chickenpox, but was released and returned to the station later that day
The goal of the operation is to identify buildings at risk of collapse and prevent firefighters from going inside
Nearly 9% of all homebuyer assistance programs currently available benefit firefighters and other first responders
Ithaca, New York, would be the first city in the U.S. to institute a rent forgiveness program for residents impacted by COVID-19
The CARES Act moratorium covered at least 12.3 million rental units nationwide
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs set up the tent city so veterans without homes can wait out the COVID-19 crisis by sheltering in place and social distancing in their own tents
Durham, N.C. looks to a future of shared economic prosperity while facing COVID-19 and a malware attack
Industry association websites, webinars and resources offer training, procedures and advocacy for elected officials and municipal employees
If voters pass Mayor Breed’s measure, it would require the city’s Planning Department to cut the approval time for new affordable housing projects down to six months.
“We have to stop putting tenants at risk and stop worsening speculation in the housing market.”
The city helped negotiate the home’s sale to the Oakland Community Land Trust, which purchased it from real estate company Wedgewood after a public outcry following the evictions.
Nicole Stewart is an at-large member of the Raleigh City Council. Like many parts of the country, the Triangle region of North Carolina is experiencing an increasingly worrisome shortage of affordable housing options for its diverse population. Stewart is working hard to help the city overcome this challenge.
While they certainly need many things, homeless people especially need fresh socks to keep their feet warm and free from infections. And offering them socks is a shorthand way to indicate that you comprehend some of their experience, Nita Lelyveld explains.
A grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is a vital funding source for the San Diego Housing Commission’s Achievement Academy, a center that provides career planning, job skills, job placement and personal financial education.