Emergency in My Town

Disaster strikes anywhere, so we’ve compiled an emergency public information kit composed of shareable, digestible resources to help residents prepare for emergencies and disasters.

We’ve included resources like 4 Critical Tips for Sheltering During Winter Storms, pet safety tips and more. There are also grant leads and news to support emergency planning.

Grants are available for fire prevention education, wildfire management, first responder staffing and more
The Yuba County Office of EMS held a fair to educate residents on what to do during a natural disaster, and handed out go-bags
4 hard-won lessons in preparing for natural disaster recovery from a medic who weathered Hurricane Laura
Reflections from New Orleans medics who remember what it was like to work in one of the largest disaster medical response efforts in Louisiana history
Five steps fire departments can share with their communities to minimize wildfire risk
Enterprise Community Partners’ Ready to Respond resources will help low-income multifamily housing organizations develop the resilience they need for future emergencies
If members of your community are looking for ways to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, direct them to these blood donation FAQs
Here’s what first responders want children to know about calling 911
Tornado drills sharpen severe weather safety plans and make local emergency management practices better.
Each year SAFECOM provides guidance on applying for emergency communications grants. The agency provides advice on the federal government’s five priorities for interoperable emergency communications projects.
Channel your Game Day Menu motivation into preparing an emergency food supply for your household.
A community’s small businesses can weather disasters by formalizing disaster recovery plans that maintain essential operations and pay the bills.
Families need to know both when to set hurricane preparations in motion as well as when it’s too late to evacuate
These tips from Plano Fire Department Capt. Peggy Harrell can help all communities reduce cooking fires and injuries on holidays.