Small Cells & 5G to Improve LA’s Communications

A step on the path to smart city solutions, Los Angeles is partnering with AT&T to deploy small cells that advance 5G communications.


The city of Los Angeles is partnering with AT&T and installing small cells in part to improve emergency response. That’s in addition to FirstNet capacity provided to LA’s public safety community through the network’s Band 14 spectrum, and integration of assets from the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System.

The comprehensive Smart Cities agreement, announced in September, addresses a number of city priorities. As an initial step, however, AT&T is deploying small cells to enhance existing voice and data capacity in LA to establish a 5G network.

The small cells are a step on the path to implementing smart city solutions.

Here’s an example of what the deployments might look like:

Andrea Fox is Editor of and Senior Editor at Lexipol. She is based in Massachusetts.