14 Award-Winning Smart Cities in North America Named

Through public voting, the IDC inaugural Smart City North America Awards named 14 cities, one state and one university for award-winning smart cities projects that showcase how technologically-enabled solutions improve public services.

The International Data Corporation (IDC), a worldwide provider of market analytics, launched the inaugural Smart City North America Awards (SCNAA) to recognize the progress North American municipalities have made to accelerate smart city developments.

"Smart Cities are, by definition, focused on using emerging technologies and innovation to make cities more livable, and offer new services and economic opportunities. The cities in North America have made significant strides in the Smart Cities arena leveraging technology and realigning with the needs and expectations of citizens and residents," according to the IDC.

Whether its a streetlight, ADA ramp or larger public asset implementation, award-winning smart cities projects apply sensors, Web-enabled devices and other tech equipment to improve most areas of public service and community resilience. Whether its through GIS and other platforms, these award-winning smart cities projects enable cities (and other organizations) to protect and maintain public assets like sewers, reduce traffic and energy requirements, address crime more effectively, enhance digital access to drive workforce and education initiatives and improve government communication and public health efforts.

About the Contest and Nominees

The SCNAA competition was open for public voting and more than 3,000 votes were tallied.

Nominations were made in January, and 34 projects from 16 states were named finalists across 14 contest categories in March. The 16 winners (two categories were tied) will be honored at Smart Cities New York May 8-10 at Manhattan's Pier 36. The winners include 14 cities, and in the SCNAA contest education category, the state of Arkansas and Abilene Christian University Campus.

Public voting for the contest was promoted across social media by organizations and governments:

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