Family members of 3 fallen Baltimore firefighters plan to sue city, state

The survivors have claims worth more than $10 million, attorneys for the families said


A fire engine carrying the casket of Lt. Kelsey Sadler is seen during a procession following a funeral for her and two other firefighters on Feb. 2 in Baltimore. A fourth firefighter was injured and transported to a hospital.

File photo/Julio Cortez/Associated Press

By Leila Merrill

BALTIMORE — Family members of the three firefighters who died in a vacant house collapse in January plan to sue the city and the state of Maryland, CBS News reported.

Attorneys for the families filed a notice Wednesday, signaling an intent to sue, and said that the family members suffered “severe emotional anguish” and have claims worth more than $10 million, the Baltimore Sun reported.

“The loss of life and injuries that occurred on January 24, 2022, could have and should have been prevented,” the notice says.

Baltimore firefighters Lt. Paul Butrim, Firefighter-Paramedic Kenny Lacayo and Lt. Kelsey Sadler died in the rowhouse fire and collapse. A fourth firefighter was injured and hospitalized.

The notice of the impending wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf of Rachel Butrim, Paul Butrim’s widow; Gloria Elena Lacayo; Jose Lacayo, Kenny Lacayo’s father; Lacey Marino, representing Kelsey Sadler’s estate; Jerry Norman, Kelsey Sadler’s father; Brandon Sadler, Kelsey Sadler’s widower; and Firefighter-EMT John McMaster, the injured firefighter.

Baltimore Fire Chief Niles Ford resigned from his position earlier this month as a report on the fatal fire was released.

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