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Webinar: Learn how to build an advanced public records strategy

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Across the US, open record activists, state legislators, and state supreme courts are – in one way or another – pushing open records laws into the 21st century. Many state’s courts are driving modernization by interpreting state open records laws to include modern communication channels like text messages and social media.

Fulfilling public records requests can be an extremely taxing process for government organizations of all sizes. This webinar will walk through different workflows for completing public records requests faster while providing best practices along the way.

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  • Speed up the record request process
  • Remove IT from your public record workflow
  • Reduce risk of litigation from public records

Featured speakers

John Rowe, vice president of sales, government

As VP of Sales for the government division of Smarsh, John Rowe is responsible for the sales strategies and methodologies implemented by the government team.

John lives in Portland Oregon where he enjoys a great cup of coffee, playing basketball and composing music. John attended San Diego State University, father of three beautify daughters and is a diehard San Diego Charger fan. As a passionate dog lover, John also serves on the Board of Directors for Darby & Gracy’s Dog Rescue, a nonprofit 501c3, in Portland Oregon.

Jenn Kunrath, public sector solution engineer

Jenn Kunrath is the dedicated public sector solution engineer at Smarsh. She has a background in web development and implementation which she leverages to propose more efficient workflows for responding to public records requests.

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