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An educator’s guide to school safety technologies & funding (eBook)

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School safety is a top priority. This eBook provides information on finding grants funding for technologies to help keep schools safe and help students thrive.

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A safe, orderly and welcoming environment for students and educators is crucial for any school to fulfill its educational goals but creating that safe environment has become an increasing challenge. In light of ever-evolving safety concerns, educational institutions are bolstering their security measures with technologies that can deter threats and facilitate an immediate, effective response should an incident occur.

School safety grants at the federal and state level play a vital role enabling districts to equip their campuses with the latest equipment and technology.

This eBook is a guide to help your school navigate federal and state funding, including COPS SVPP, for school safety technologies that can strengthen security at your schools.

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Download this eBook to learn:

  • How to prepare to apply for federal funding opportunities.
  • How to prepare for COPS SVPP.
  • Where to find state grants for school safety.
  • 4 key technologies eligible for education grants funding.

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