Wayne County Jail launches data dashboard

The interactive dashboard provides daily updates and summary information about the current inmate population


Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

By Corrections1 Staff

DETROIT — The new Wayne County Jail’s management system interactive dashboard provides daily updates and summary information about the current inmate population. The dashboard, funded by grant support from the Hudson-Webber Foundation and the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, data includes:

  • Demographic makeup of current jail inmates
  • Types of supervised facilities
  • Length of stay
  • Types of bookings and arrests
  • Housing availability
  • Counts of inmates released from County supervision.

According to a Wayne County Sheriff’s Office news release the office receives a lot of questions about the jail population. The data dashboard was “created in an effort to be transparent with the public about the characteristics of our supervised population and to answer some of the common questions we receive about our inmates.”

One of the purposes of the dashboard is to give the public and other stakeholders a view into who is housed in the Wayne County Jail.

“This is the first phase of this project in that it gives the public a global perspective of who’s in our jail,” Wayne County jails chief Robert Dunlap said to Michigan Radio. “We believe that this project will not only help us make better informed decisions ... but also other justice stakeholders, like the courts, can also look and see how the jail is being utilized, and who’s here, how long, and hopefully make better decisions about the process on their end.”

Length of Stay for Current Inmates - Jail Only


Current Inmates by Age at Booking - Jail Only


View: Wayne County Jail Dashboard

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