Opioid Epidemic Resource Guide

We’ve compiled an Opioid Epidemic Resource Guide to help you navigate this issue facing most communities.

We’ve included tools like an interactive map of drug overdose deaths and a fentanyl overdose primer for medics. There are grant leads, news and insights into topics like the public bathrooms crisis and strategies to increase treatment, intervention and education.

Vine Grove Police Chief Kenneth Mattingly got the idea for the vending machine after a call officers responded to earlier this year
Some jails have also increased the availability of Narcan to reverse opioid overdoses
Opioid settlement funding will continue for 11 to 18 years, and it is expected that more settlements will be forthcoming. Is your agency getting its share?
Funds will be used to train first responders on Narcan use and how best to interact with people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues
Lawyers for states and local governments laid out key details of the $26 billion settlement on Wednesday
The 2020 death toll estimate is up by about 20K, with fentanyl blamed for more than 60% of overdoses
A state law requires cities and counties that want to pursue their own legal action to “opt out” of the attorney general’s lawsuits by June 30
“The First Step Program” will offer individuals an opportunity to get help without the fear of arrest or having to worry about a lack of health insurance
Law enforcement agencies would do well to heed drug trafficking’s technology-driven distribution systems
Looking for alternatives to arrest, police departments are using their 24/7 presence and regular contact with drug users to refer them to treatment
Five reasons firefighters are at an increased risk of opioid abuse
Substance abuse prevention advocates say that increased isolation and a decrease in services is likely to create more relapses
University of Pennsylvania researchers said the video was as effective as in-person training at teaching bystanders to respond to overdoses
Evidence-based naloxone administration recommendations to minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure and alleviate provider fear
The position’s $49,100 annual salary is fully funded for two years through a Community Development Block Grant