Community Ties Grants for Safety, Resilience, Education & Placemaking

The Union Pacific Community Ties Giving Program focuses on awarding grants in support of additional public safety measures, workforce development and increasing community spaces.

Union Pacific's corporate foundation, the Community Ties Giving Program, offers grants worth up to $25,000 to non-profit organizations in 19 states with programs dedicated to strengthening communities.

In 2016, the foundation awarded more than $9 million in grants to local governments and non-profit organizations that were focused on improving their communities in three areas: safety, workforce development and community spaces.

Safety measures and fully-funded public safety services are a must

The foundation prioritizes safety programs that focus on four different areas.

  • Programs that encourage safe behavior, particularly those that hone in on rail, driver, bike and pedestrian safety
  • Infrastructure improvements, such as signage, proper lightning and public trail improvements
  • Programs that help prepare citizens or equip emergency responders
  • Prevent crimes by seeking to determine the root cause and address those issues
Ensure citizens are able to find sustainable careers through workforce development

The Union Pacific foundation grants hope to encourage and stimulate economic growth in the areas they operate in a number of ways.

  • Support youth by making them aware of career potential opportunities in the area, and encouraging an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills
  • Elevate programs that place students in vocational training to prepare for middle-skills jobs like those offered at Union Pacific
  • Offer continuing education classes and other "up-skill" ventures for current workers
  • Provide training and mentorship to non-profit professionals to help them grow as individuals and employeesCommunity Ties
Community Ties creates distinct, identity-driven community spaces through economic support

Programs prioritized to receive the Union Pacific Community Ties Giving grants should seek to grow the local economy by creating inviting community spaces that will help attract more business to the area.

Deadline to submit an eligibility survey to apply for a Union Pacific Community Ties Giving grant is June 1.

Apply online at the Union Pacific website.

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