FEMA Offers Expedited Post-Disaster Training to First Responders

CDP can deploy 50 one- to four-hour, post-disaster training modules to public safety and emergency management agencies at their home bases in 24 hours.

FEMA's Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) is now able to provide expedited post-disaster training -- expeditionary training -- to first responders immediately facing or recovering from disasters.

The center recently condensed a number of CDP courses into just-in-time, one- to four-hour training modules which they can offer to responders at their home stations.

The CDP currently has more than 50 modules prepared, with a heavy emphasis on:

Once a jurisdiction identifies a need for training, “… Our goal is to respond within 24 hours,” said Chuck Medley, CDP’s assistant director of training delivery.

“We’ve already identified volunteers among our federal training staff and instructional staff to deploy on short notice,” he added.

Multiple states have requested information about the expeditionary training, particularly following hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Immediately following Hurricane Florence, the CDP tested the post-disaster training concept by training 455 FEMA responders prior to them deploying to support recovery operations.

Among other things, the FEMA responders were taught how to recognize and avoid hazards and safely move about in the disaster area.

Contact Medley at Charles.medley@fema.dhs.gov for more information about expeditionary training.

Learn more about FEMA's Center for Domestic Preparedness on DHS.gov.

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