Swift-Water Rescues in Hurricane Florence’s Storm Surge

Hurricane Florence may have slowed, but the storm surge has led to numerous swift-water rescues in New Bern, North Carolina, requiring critical safety points for first responders.


Despite warnings from governors, many people in the Carolina coasts, and Virginia’s, stayed in their homes to ride out Hurricane Florence as the hurricane battered shores and river uplands with the storm surges that come along with greater velocity storms.

According to CNN, upwards of 40 inches of rainfall expected over three days overwhelmed New Bern, North Carolina, and first responders rescuing were rescuing hundreds by Friday morning.

Hurricane Florence also quickly cut power to 620,000+ customers across the Carolinas and the slow moving storm (6 mph) had Federal Emergency Management Agency teams and others working swift-water rescues.

Editor’s Note, Update September 18, 2018: PennLive.com reported the death toll from rose to at least 32 people in three states, with 25 deaths in North Carolina. Wilmington, North Carolina, is cut off by flood waters.

Editor’s Note, Update September 17, 2018: CNN reports that there have been more than 1,000 swift-boat rescues and 18 deaths through the weekend.

Andrea Fox is Editor of Gov1.com and Senior Editor at Lexipol. She is based in Massachusetts.

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