$109 Million in DoT Emergency Call Center Grants Available

The 911 Grant Program will provide emergency call centers around the country with grants to upgrade technology and resources that enhance public safety operations.

The Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 911 Grant Program is designed to assist emergency call centers with upgrading technology and operations that allow operators to better serve the public and connect more easily and seamlessly with first responders.

Full applications are now being accepted for the emergency call center grants, which will provide funding to emergency call centers nationwide through allocations.

Eligible Activities Funded by Emergency Call Center Grants

Created by the Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Act of 2012, and revamped as part of the Next Generation 911 Advancement Act, eligible activities include:

  • Implementation and operation of 911 services, E-911 services, E-911 services
  • Migration to an IP-enabled emergency network
  • Adoption and operation of NG911 services and applications
  • Implementation of IP-enabled emergency services and applications enabled by Next Generation 911 services, (including the establishment of IP backbone networks and the application layer software infrastructure needed to interconnect the multitude of emergency response organizations)
  • Training public safety personnel, including dispatchers, first responders, and other individuals and organizations who are part of the emergency response chain in 911 services

The total grant amount exceeds $109 million, with allotments for states, territories and tribal organizations. A grant’s share of the total cost of any activity carried out under the program may not exceed 60 percent of the eligible cost of carrying out grant activities.


Watch this pre-recorded webinar for more information about the grant and application process.

Applications are due by April 2.

Apply for a 911 Program Grant online at grants.gov.

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