Top 10 Requests for City Websites

Find out what are the top 10 requests for city websites and how to look at your city's website like a resident.

People visit city websites to perform tasks, according to a blog post by Vision Internet, which specializes in helping local governments build digital interactions. Cities should know what the best ways are for their websites to serve citizens. So what requests for city websites do people generally have?

Understand what they’re looking for, and make it easy for them to complete their tasks," Vision advises.

Vision's certified User Experience (UX) consultant has compiled the list of the most common actions people want to perform on their cities' websites. The Top 10 requests for city websites are:

  1. Pay utilities
  2. Look for jobs
  3. Adopt pets
  4. Reserve a recreational facility
  5. Apply for permits
  6. View civic agendas and meeting minutes
  7. Apply for licenses
  8. Pay parking tickets
  9. Find bids and RFPs
  10. Access GIS data

Does your city's website help its residents get these tasks done? Vision advises making sure your city's website functions match up with what its homepage highlights.

Download the Top 10 Requests for City Websites list from the Vision website and post it in your Web team's office.

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