D.C. Mayor: Government Shutdown Costs Workers & City Money

Mayor Muriel Bowser cites hardship to local workforce and higher costs inflicted on city’s public works in letter to President Trump.


“We hope that this key message will resonate during this shutdown: the 702,000 residents of Washington, DC, who pay the highest taxes per capita to the federal treasury, are stepping up to cover federal services during the shutdown, while we are the only citizens within the continental United States without a vote in Congress,” Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser wrote to President Donald Trump after Christmas Day.

Bowser stated that the government’s third shutdown in less than a year will affect D.C. residents, businesses, and contractors -- and the 170,000 federal employees who work in Washington, D.C. “pay the highest price.”

According to WTOP, the federal Office of Personnel Management “is offering advice to federal workers who cannot pay their bills due to the shutdown holding up their paychecks:"

Andrea Fox is Editor of Gov1.com and Senior Editor at Lexipol. She is based in Massachusetts.

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