Resources: Learning The Pathways to Violence Can Prevent Violent Attacks

As part of efforts to address terrorism, domestic terrorism and mass casualty incidents, DHS offers an explanatory video and fact sheet on the Pathways to Violence.

Pathways to Violence is a video produced by the Department of Homeland Security and is available from the Just in Time Disaster Training Library. The video explains suspicious behaviors in-depth for public safety practitioners, emergency planners and others concerned and working to detect violence before it happens.

The video, which features Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Gene Deisinger and others and reviews the six steps that comprise the pathway to violence, begins with Ed Davis, former Commissioner of the Boston Police Department discussing the Boston Marathon Bombings investigation.

Had local religious leaders and the community reached out to public safety officials about changes in perpetrator Tamerlan Tsarnaev's behavior, it may have changed the course of the event, said Davis.

The pathway to violence is generally comprised of these steps:

  1. Grievances
  2. Ideation
  3. Research & Planning
  4. Pre-Attack Preparation
  5. Probing & Breaching
  6. Committing Violence

Watch the 11-minute video to learn about the steps and signs:

Review and download the Department of Homeland Security fact sheet to learn and share how to recognize the potential warning signs of violence, how to intervene and reach out for help:

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Learn about averted school violence on

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