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Lexipol introduces new law enforcement procedure guide and framework

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DALLAS — Lexipol, the leading policy, content and training platform for public safety agencies, recently announced the introduction of its new Law Enforcement Procedure Guide and Framework. This tool draws on the research and expertise of Lexipol’s national team of law enforcement subject matter experts to provide agencies with a “do-it-yourself” kit for building a better procedure manual.

The Law Enforcement Procedure Guide and Framework includes:

  • A proven procedure structure that includes the main topics and subtopics for each procedure
  • Nearly 40 critical procedure topics that align with Lexipol’s law enforcement policies
  • Comprehensive guide sheets that provide research behind each procedural topic and guide agencies in determining what to include in the procedure
  • Online platform that provides easy access and editing tools for populating the procedure framework with agency-specific content

This framework will enhance officer safety by providing best practice procedures targeting the tactics and situations most likely to put officers at risk. Agencies can save time and resources by using the background research provided by Lexipol on topics such as firearms inspection, asset forfeiture, field training and more. To help agencies keep their procedure manuals up to date, Lexipol will issue guidance if legislation or case law triggers needed procedural changes.

“Many agencies don’t consider their procedures manual a top priority until they’re in an emergency situation without clear protocol,” said Lexipol Chief Revenue Officer Chuck Corbin. “We’ve created the Law Enforcement Procedure Guide and Framework to aid agencies in creating a manual that works best for their departments’ needs.”

To learn more, visit www.lexipol.com/law-enforcement.

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