Virginia Counties Become ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries’

The ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ movement is on the rise. Several Virginia counties are the latest to pass these resolutions, declaring their intent to oppose “any efforts to unconstitutionally restrict” gun rights.



ROANOKE, Va. — Local officials in a handful of Virginia counties have voted to honor and defend gun rights by declaring their counties to be “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

The movement has spread in Virginia since the Nov. 5 election, when Democrats gained majority control of both the state Senate and House of Delegates.

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has said his party’s leaders will push for gun control measures.

The Roanoke Times reports that Appomattox, Campbell, Charlotte, Carroll and Pittsylvania counties have passed sanctuary resolutions. Amherst and Franklin counties are considering adopting similar measures.

On Tuesday, more than 350 people wearing “Guns Save Lives” badges appeared before the Franklin County Board of Supervisors, who directed staff to draw up a resolution after consulting with the sheriff, commonwealth’s attorney and county attorney.

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