World Water Day: Domestic Water is on the POTUS Agenda

Water leadership gathers to answer questions; government, industry and stakeholders are making money, tools and information available for water source and delivery improvements.

By Andrea Fox, Gov1 Senior Editor

Water is food, energy, drink and home."

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The first ever White House Water Summit held on World Water Day brought together federal leadership with water financing experts, scientists and other stakeholders to discuss the costs of domestic water infrastructure, drought response, climate change and other issues that have become serious problems throughout the United States.

President Obama has put water back on the POTUS agenda with Flint, Mich., drinking water infrastructure looming large and California’s drought impacts going on and on. Not to mention the long-documented problems reported by environmental agencies, the water industry and waterkeepers.

It’s really water budgeting on the agenda--in a sense. To scientists, a water budget would catalog every drop—in any state--from the canopy to what the Earth beneath us holds. We’ve never done that regionally, let alone nationally. But domestically, the government, industry and scientists are looking into the finite resource concerns of water.

Some of today’s expert panelists gave details on the following:

  • How are we monitoring our freshwater sources?
  • How are we going to finance dependable and safe water delivery systems?
  • How are we managing for drought as well as catastrophic storms and floods?

There is no corner of this country that is not untouched by a water issue--from the water quality impacts of stormwater and industry, to the crumbling infrastructure that is, in some cases, tainting our drinking water and climate impacts like crippling crop loss due to drought and catastrophic damage caused by storms.

There were many announcements and news items last night and today timed to coincide with water making our national agenda. Some highlights include:

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