New Delhi Biogas Plant to Make Cooking Fuel from Food Waste

While waste-to-energy plants are not new to the capital of India, the city is testing a green biogas alternative for waste reduction and cooking fuel shortages.

NEW DELHI, INDIA — To reduce garbage and further address notorious cooking gas shortages, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will kick-off the design-build of a biogas facility to address both tomorrow.

NDMC will collect segregated green wastes from houses in the Laxmi Bai Nagar neighborhood and produce biogas with a daily processing goal of 500 kilos of garden and food wastes.

The plant will produce biogas by anaerobic digestion of the food wastes, according to the project's April request for proposals.

The Indira Niketan Working Girls hostel in this region of the city will use the biogas in place of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for cooking. NDMC will use the digested slurry byproduct as a horticultural additive.

The project is part of tomorrow's launch of 14 Bloomberg Philanthropies-supported India Smart Cities Challenge projects.

The India Smart Cities competition, which started last year, gave municipal officials nationwide an opportunity to develop proposals for their most pressing needs. The Ministry of Urban Development gave the finalists seed funding to turn their proposals into a reality. The NDMC was one of 20 Indian cities selected for this biogas plant and many other projects, including mini-sewerage treatment plants, smart classrooms, LED streetlights, a surveillance command and control center (SCADA) and more.

"It is hoped that this will turn out to be a successful model,” Dr. Ramesh Kumar, NDMC chief medical officer told the Deccan Herald in an article about waste-to-energy plants in the nation's capital.

India's plan is to spend $15 billion over five years to remake 100 cities.

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