Colorado Trail & Winter Maintenance Grants

The Colorado Snowmobile Capital Grants Program provides winter maintenance grants, including the purchase and repair of equipment for snowmobile trails.

Colorado offers funding to non-profits, towns, cities or city governments as winter maintenance grants, which pay for upkeep costs of snowmobile trails and trail grooming equipment.

The Colorado Snowmobile Capital Grants Program provides winter maintenance grants for:

  • Purchase of new groomers
  • Repair of existing​ groomers
  • Trailhead improvements
  • Construction of permanent groomer and maintenance facilities
  • Purchase of signs and trail marking materials

The program seeks to fund projects that can justify the need for the equipment, repairs or maintenance, and contributes to the state snowmobile grooming program.

Applicants should:

  • Prioritize the need as related to the grooming program of the club and the state snowmobile grooming program
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain the equipment/project being proposed
  • Justify the real need for the equipment.
  • Turn in a quality grant proposal with neat, well-organized information
  • Ensure proposals support safe, quality winter opportunities to the general public
  • Assure quality snowmobile trail systems
  • Provide for winter trail related facilities that enhance the snowmobiling experience
  • Connect winter trail systems into a statewide network

Applications are anticipated due April 7, 2018.

Get application documents and apply on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

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