Trash, Graffiti in Latest Privatization Update

Gov1 regularly tracks privatization and outsourcing developments around the country, and our latest update includes initiatives related to trash collection, graffiti cleanup, parking, and more

What Happened?

Gov1 regularly tracks privatization and outsourcing developments around the country, and our latest update includes initiatives related to trash collection, graffiti cleanup, parking, and more

Trash Pickup In Brunswick, Georgia

The city of Brunswick, Georgia—the second largest city on the coast, after Savannah—expects to save $500,000 per year by outsourcing its solid waste collection to Waste Management. According to reports, the sputtering economy as force the city to cut back staff, which has resulted in “unkempt” public spaces. The city will pay Waste Management $715,000 per year for curbside pickup, a comprehensive recycling program, and more. The savings will enable the city to gradually roll back its collection fees and establish a reserve fund. Fourteen sanitation workers will lose their jobs, but Waste Management could hire them back.

Graffiti Removal in San Jose

Officials in San Jose, California, claim that a recent decision to outsource graffiti removal is “saving money, improving performance, and boosting community involvement.” That’s according to a recent report, which noted that the outsourcing decision was has been effective in terms of both performance and cost. The vendor hired, Graffiti Protective Coatings, has reduced San Jose’s overall “graffiti abatement” cost by $600,000 per year. The firm completed 91 percent of its work orders within 48 hours, and a smart-phone application for reporting graffiti has received positive feedback from the community.

Economic Development in Auburn, New York

Auburn, New York, is considering outsourcing its planning and economic development function to an outside firm. According to reports, the firm of Thoma Development Consultants is being considered for certain functions—such as grant administration—after the city eliminated positions as part of a $2 million budget reduction initiative. Some of the responsibilities to be outsourced are administrative, and the outsourcing decision would only be pursued if the savings were material.

Trash Collection in Massillon, Ohio

In another trash-collection announcement, the city of Massillon, Ohio—not far from Canton—unanimously decided to shut down its Solid Waste Department and outsource trash collection. The contract with Kimble Recycling will save the city money, and will decrease residential collection rates. According to reports, the firm will also provide curbside recycling, and will distribute new garbage and recycling bins to residents—the bins work with the firm’s automated truck, which run on compressed natural gas.

Parking in Cincinnati

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio, is considering hiring a private company to manage its parking garages and street meters. According to reports, the city parking division has 25 employees and a $7 million budget; the contract in question would include three parking lots, four garages, and all on-street meters. Outsourcing of parking has been a charged issue recently, after New York considered the move on the heels of Chicago’s outsourcing fiasco. The comments of the city manager provide additional detail. Gov1 will track this story, link to an RFP when it is issued and provide a potential vendor list when issued.

The measure also includes members of the military who responded to 9/11 in Shanksville, Pa., and at the Pentagon, unlike the original legislation
“We ... hope this exemption helps efforts to attract more volunteers to our fire and ambulance companies, to enable more life-saving work that benefits us all,” a Rensselaer County executive said
Troy uses incentives to help with retention and tries to compensate the unpaid firefighters, said Mayor Ethan Baker
A new facility would replace the John F. Cutter Jr. Fire Station, which has been in use since the early 1970s and has a decaying roof