5 Good Reasons To Go Solar


In response to a question on Quora, Cedrik Carter outlined 5 reasons municipalities should invest in solar power technology:

1. Cost savings

Who doesn’t like to save money? While your solar panel system’s initial investment may set you back a little, you will be saving money in energy costs every month, every year, year after year. It will not take long before you’ve recouped your initial investment, then you can spend the rest of your days counting the savings each month. Since our sun isn’t going to supernova and die for another 5 billion years or so, investing in a solar system is like putting money in a stock that is guaranteed never to crash (or at least not for 5 billion years).

Additional savings are made available by purchasing a solar panel DIY installation kit, rather than hiring a costly professional.

2. Safety

Going solar means using your region’s power grid less or even not at all. This means less usage of the power lines, which ultimately means less likelihood for lines going down, power outages, or accidents involving power lines. Imagine what life might be like if those unsightly power lines didn’t decorate every road, intersection and idyllic skyline?

3. Energy independence

Oil, gas and coal are limited resources. Energy sources like the sun and the wind are seemingly unlimited. Instead of being dependent on fossil fuels that the world is rapidly burning into extinction, switching to solar energy removes that dependency on a diminishing resource.

4. Environmental friendliness

Speaking of those fossil fuels, not only are they a limited resource, but they also can be harmful to our environment. Going solar reduces your carbon footprint and helps fight global warming.

5. Your children

Ok this might be a bit of a stretch, but why not paint a prettier picture for the next generation? Would you like your kids to grow up in a world that didn’t cost so much, was safer, promoted energy independence and took better care of our environment? Installing solar panels is one small step in this direction.

Similarly, Omar Chad’s list included:

Five reasons to opt for solar energy :

1. Profitability & Easy maintenance

Lower costs of electricity from renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic solar installations do not require any sophisticated maintenance.

2. Energy Independence

Photovoltaic solar energy contributes to the independence in regard to foreign countries energy suppliers; electricity suppliers égalment lose influence in this area.

3. Energy Efficiency

No environmental impact.

4. Environmental protection

Solar energy is clean: it does not produce harmful gases and will not generate any noise pollution.

5. Resource Preservation

Natural resources are scarce, and gas reserves of uranium will eventually run out. Solar energy is practically unlimited and spreads around the world.

It’s a story of climate change, a housing crisis and an aging power system that, like much of the U.S. infrastructure, has fallen into disrepair.
City leaders are eager to find a way to keep the lights on during emergencies, and they’re weighing an investment in a microgrid.
A new program will provide resilient solar power combined with battery storage to approximately 6,000 homes and hundreds of businesses in Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, including those hit by recent PG&E power shutoffs.
The current wildfire crisis in California should serve as an object lesson in the folly of expecting private enterprise to operate in the service of the public interest.