Walmart Community Grants Tackle Hunger, Education, Safety for Low-Income Families

Walmart Community Grants offer organizations a way to help low-income individuals and families in their community through education programs, hunger relief efforts and other enrichment opportunities.

Organizations looking to better their community are eligible to apply for Walmart Community Grants funded through the Walmart Foundation.

Grant awards range from $250 to $5,000, and each organization is eligible to submit up to 25 applications. Eligible organizations include 501(c)(3) nonprofits (excluding nationally sponsored organizations), a government entity, educational institution and church or other faith-based organization.

Walmart Community Grants Focus Areas

Applicants are encouraged to focus their efforts on eight areas of community engagement, development and enrichment:

#1 Hunger Relief and Healthy Eating: Providing charitable meals or snacks for low-income individuals and families.

#2 Health and Human Service: Providing medical screening, treatment, social services or shelters for low-income individuals and families.

#3 Quality of Life: Improving access to recreation, arts or cultural experiences for low-income individuals and families.

#4 Education: Providing after school enrichment, tutoring or vocational training for low-income individuals and families.

#5 Community and Economic Development: Improving local communities for the benefit of low-income individuals and families.

#6 Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering the building of relationships and understanding among diverse groups.

#7 Public Safety: Supporting public safety programs through training programs or new equipment.

#8 Environmental Sustainability: Preventing waste, increasing recycling or supporting other programs that work to improve the environment.

Applications are due by Dec. 31 each year.

Apply for Walmart Community Grants online through the Cyber Grants website.

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