VIDEO: Unprecedented Economic Opportunity for Organizations Using Renewable Energy

Energy experts argue businesses and organizations can enjoy economic growth after shifting to renewable, efficient energy sources

The Climate Group

“Despite the necessity and urgency to act, which has never been higher, this is an unprecedented opportunity”, says Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public & Government Affairs at Philips Lighting, of how low carbon solutions make business sense, in The Climate Group's latest Climate TV interview.

“Sustainable development is one big innovation agenda,” Harry Verhaar notes. “Not only can we adopt more widespread economic beneficial solutions that have less impact on the quality of our living environments, but also all of them improve our quality of life.”

“Moving to energy efficiency and renewable energy powered solutions and factories just makes plain economic sense. We are reducing our [carbon] footprints, powering our factories with solar and wind energy, lowering our overall energy bill, making our products more competitive.”


At Climate Week NYC this year, Philips Lighting, the global leader in lighting, joined The Climate Group in calling for every single city and utility around the world to schedule the switch of their street lighting to LED by 2025. The Climate Group launched a major global campaign called LED = Lower Emissions Delivered that encourages local governments, cities and utilities to embrace the carbon and cost benefits of switching to LED.

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