Pittsburgh Businesses Will Be Able to Pay City Taxes Online

The revenue management system will provide near-term cost effectiveness and more efficient processing for the city of Pittsburgh.

The city of Pittsburgh has finalized an agreement with Avenu to provide a business tax and revenue management system that will include a file-and-pay solution for business taxpayers.

The integrated solution will offer taxpayers a convenient, accurate and secure way to meet their tax obligations while providing cost-saving efficiencies for the city. It also gives the city an easier way to aggregate and analyze revenue information so leadership knows tax compliance levels, understands trends, and prepares accurate budgets and forecasts.

“With this new system we are responding to the input we’ve received from business taxpayers, namely that they need one solution to fulfill all their tax needs,” said Margaret Lanier, finance director for the city of Pittsburgh.

Using the system, the city’s businesses and residents will create accounts, file and pay taxes for local services, amusement, parking, payroll expenses, property and others.

The new system, selected through a competitive bidding process, will replace a mix of vendor and in-house systems that no longer meet the city’s needs for collection, reporting and forecasting.

About Avenu

Avenu provides local governments with ways to achieve more predictable revenue that supports growth, fuels modernization and ensures compliance with mandated but underfunded programs. Avenu’s revenue enhancement and administrative solutions find and recover taxes, license and permit fees that cities and counties struggle to collect. The insights and improved fiscal posture enables governments to deliver expected services and sustain a high quality of life for residents.

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