Consolidation and Regionalization

CDCR prisons held about 94,000 inmates last week, down from about 120,000 in 2019 and about 160,000 in 2011
Snohomish County will save on resources and provide a seamless emergency communications system with SNO911 and SERS merging on January 1, 2019.
Louisiana’s IT consolidation saved $70 million in three years. Governments modernize IT to increase cybersecurity and reduce the costs of legacy systems.
Public or private facilities that discharge to rivers, lakes or streams must have discharge permits. Water boards regulate discharges and stormwater runoff.
A federal rollback of vehicle emissions and a revoke of climate change plans may not stop an army of mayors and their local partners from persisting.
How cities, counties and towns can use agreements and alliances or merge governments and workforces to save money, improve services and better compete.
MHIS has been supporting Hartford, Conn., and its school system for 15 years. Changing leaders, budgets and priorities still pull from two directions.
Miami-Dade’s SMART plan that addresses big city traffic, affordable housing and municipal efficiency challenges moves from paper to reality.
The new state agency will transform the state’s information technology functions into one agency to provide better service to Illinois residents and businesses
Six New England governors are urging Congress to expand the types of medical professionals who can prescribe the addiction treatment medication buprenorphine (Suboxone®) so Vermont and other states can better meet the needs of those who are addicted and seeking treatment
A big focus will be combining IT systems and increasing efficiencies in hopes of saving schools tens of thousands of dollars
Six Boston area Mayors and City Managers today jointly announced the formation of the Greater Boston Regional Economic Compact, which will facilitate regional problem solving
Many cities are entering public-private partnerships, outsourcing or sharing code enforcement services to ensure cost-efficiency and boost overall performance.
A task force is preparing to present its final recommendations on how to make government more efficient and effective
MuniRent is a website platform that allows public agencies to share equipment and personnel internally or with regional partners