People Map: Local Leaders Don't Make Wikipedia's Top Searches

The People Map of the U.S. is where city and town names are replaced by their most searched for resident on Wikipedia.

Using Wikipedia data from the past three years, the map gives names to people who have the most median page views per day across 10,000 cities and town in the U.S.

Some of the biggest names are celebrities and politicians, but not typically state and local leaders.

According to Route Fifty, some local leaders do appear on the U.S. map, such as Lee P. Brown. He is the most searched person from Wewoka, Oklahoma, potentially because he was the first African American mayor of Houston. The publication's search of the data after the map's June 2019 release revealed 206 governors and lieutenant governors, 66 state representatives, 39 state senators, 40 mayors and 3 city councilors.

Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry had the most Wikipedia searches of all local level officials.

Recent news, however, changes the map as it regularly updates.

Search the map on Pudding.Cool.

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