App Helps Police Return Bikes and Other Stolen Items

The Rejjee app can help people get their stolen bikes back, and it has the potential to reduce thefts fueling online sales.

By Andrea Fox, Gov1 Senior Editor

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. -- "Lose it, Post it, Get it back" is how Rejjee, a personal digital vault for valuables, works, according to the company's website.

The free application is the Internet's new lost and found. Users can register objects with a serial number, and if they report it stolen, the information is saved in the cloud and can be accessed. If police find the object and search, they can connect the object with the owner. The company is working with law enforcement on the back end1.

Rejjee, a Microsoft CityNext Partner, has been focusing on bikes since its mid-year 2015 launch, but there are several categories of consumer goods users can register in the app. By November 2015, after working with the cities of Boston, Somerville and others in the metro area, the app achieved 7.5 times the national average on the normal return rate of stolen items2 .

The company recently partnered with some Boston college campuses to help students get their bikes back, and as of earlier this month, will work with the New York City Bicycling Coalition to launch a statewide registry program.

Part of our mission is to educate New Yorkers about bike safety, but what's equally important is making sure your bike is also safe from the growing problem of bike theft. We're very pleased to partner with Rejjee to help New York riders protect their bikes and help local police track down stolen bikes and return them to their owners," said Paul Winkeller, executive director of the New York Bicycle Coalition in a joint March 1 press release.

Rejjee posts a real-time map of reported thefts searchable by zipcode, and offers tips on how to properly lock a bike up. The goal is to get stolen goods off the Internet, according to the company's founders3. So registered users can can specify where they want to search for stolen items, such as Craigslist.


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