L.A. Plans $150M to Help City's Homeless

The city of L.A. proposes spending $150 million over the next two years to address its sizable homeless population.

By Andrea Fox, Gov1.com

Los Angeles has more homeless people in the nation, according to the Los Angeles Times. A recent countywide plan to address homelessness proposes spending $150 million over the next two years to develop housing programs, implement mobile showers, and designate overnight parking for those who live in their cars.

The city has set aside $30 million of this year's budget, but it's not certain where the rest of the money will come from.

"The real test is going to be in the budget come April and May," Mike Bonin, Los Angeles city councilman, said.

However, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana said the plan would cost more than $1.85 billion over the next decade.

Read the original Los Angeles Times story.

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