Themed Bus Stop Heats Up Sponsorship

Duracell recently sponsored a themed bus stop in Montreal, asking people to interact in order to turn on a battery powered heating unit. Learn about this sponsorship and others around the US

What Happened?

Duracell recently sponsored a bus stop in Montreal to help keep commuters warm and connected with one another. Duracell constructed a heated bus shelter that releases warm air on riders when they hold hands together, resembling the way batteries work together.

The Goal

To complete a circuit within the Duracell bus shelter, passengers must join forces to jumpstart the heater. Playing the roles of positive and negative contacts, commuters hold hands or touch fists and make contact both sides of the shelter – the same way batteries connect and power devices. The cold-weather themed bus shelter not only creates brand awareness but also encourages riders to interact with one another during an increasingly device-driven daily commute.

According to the Atlantic Cities, other brands are jumping on board with themed bus shelters that mix up the daily routine for many commuters. Also playing off the winter theme, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau installed bus shelter advertisements in New York City that transport riders to the warm beaches of the Sunshine State. The bus shelter is heated, speckled with bright and summery designs, and houses life-like models relaxing in the sun. Amidst an especially brutal winter, New York City commuters may easily get lost in the mirage of the beach while waiting for their bus.

Beautify the Space

While many cities optimize the revenue potential of bus shelters by selling the ad space to innovative brands, others are focused on stamping the stops with community art.

King County in Washington launched a bus shelter mural program to engage members of the community – specifically youth – in the design and decoration of local bus shelters. The city’s Department of Transportation Metro Transit Division will provide students and residents with panels and paint to get their artistic expressions out for the community to enjoy.

King County has more than 700 murals installed in local bus shelters, bringing color and fun to an otherwise mundane commute. Aside from enabling artistic expression, the mural program also proactively deters graffiti and beautifies public space.

But artists do not need an entire bus shelter to showcase their pieces. Tamarac, Florida, supports an ongoing bench design program to engage local talent in the decorating of public benches. So far, the bench design program has gathered 127 artists and designers applications to work on benches for the Mainland Park this spring. Selected artists will then:

  • Collaborate with city officials to create a detailed design for a covered or open bench
  • Produce a set of fabrication drawings and specifications for manufacture and bidding
  • Finalize a design with details for attachment to concrete slabs to keep the benches secure in heavy storms

The entire project is estimated to cost the city $20,000 covering research, community meetings, agency coordination, design and drawings, and other logistical steps. The artist with the strongest design may be contracted for future projects with a budget of $60,000 to create more benches throughout Tamarac.

Mixing Up The Bus System

Gov1 has followed innovative strategies to optimize public bus systems through energy-efficient upgrades and solar-powered shelter features.

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