Study: Key to Success in the Cloud is Compliance

Lack of expertise and knowledge of compliance practices hurting adoption of cloud-computing technologies and collaboration


ORLANDO, Fla., July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- (Microsoft World Partner Conference, Booth #MC18) -- Office 365™ is arguably the most successful business-grade, cloud-based communications and collaboration service. A recent survey conducted by Osterman Research, Inc. indicated that the adoption of Office 365 is expected to more than double by mid-2017. Despite the growing dominance of this and other cloud applications, significant compliance limitations will necessitate the use of third-party compliance capabilities. Knowledge Vault announced the release of a whitepaper, “The Role of Third-Party Tools for Office 365 Compliance,” detailing key issues to consider when implementing collaborative services. Download the report at:

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  • Report reveals disparate views on retention of electronic communication: While decision makers are still concerned about a variety of compliance-related issues, they are unclear about retention rates. 21 percent of participants don’t believe it is necessary to retain electronic communication data, such as email, instant messaging and other data shared in the Cloud, while 7 percent believe this data can be purged after 91-180 days.
  • Lack of expertise regarding compliance-related issues in collaborative environments: Organizations of all kinds and sizes face compliance obligations, yet the study reveals that only 25 percent of those surveyed consider themselves “fairly” or “very” knowledgeable about compliance capabilities built into Exchange Online and elements of Office 365, while 14 percent are not knowledgeable at all.
  • Research indicates the need for third-party compliance tools: Organizations must be able to manage information in such a way that regulatory and legal obligations are satisfied and corporate risk is minimized. The report details the basic compliance functionality of Office 365 and the necessity of integrating tools to bridge the gap.
  • Knowledge Vault is purpose-built to automate compliance reporting: Out-of-the-box auditing, reporting and management capabilities provide an advanced and cost-effective solution that enables cloud administrators and IT managers to obtain valuable information about all aspects of their cloud-based mail and file-sharing solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft On-Premise Exchange and Dropbox for Business.

Christian Ehrenthal, CEO and co-founder, Knowledge Vault, said:

“While many organizations are concerned about the safety of valuable assets migrated to the Cloud, they don’t realize that tracking changes that occur in Microsoft Office 365, and other cloud environments, is a mandatory and critical audit and security requirement. Knowledge Vault delivers comprehensive reporting and analytics to streamline operations and tighten security, providing complete visibility across user and admin activities to ensure continuous compliance.”

Michael D. Osterman, president, Osterman Research, said:

“Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation can be a complicated issue for any business, regardless of size. Establishing a compliance management system that provides easy access to historical data is not only necessary but, in most cases, mandatory. The information we uncovered in our research revealed not only a lack of understanding about compliance and risk in these environments but also the need for third-party tools to augment existing solutions.”

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Survey Data: “Archiving, Migration and Compliance in Microsoft® Office 365", July 2015, by Osterman Research, Inc. Copyright © 2015. Access the survey data at:

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