Strategies for the People Side of Cloud Migration Journeys

The AWS Public Sector Summit offered client lessons learned and best practices for implementing wide-scale culture change during cloud migration.


At the AWS Public Sector Summit in June, the room in Washington D.C., was so full to hear Amazon Web Services clients talk about their cloud migration journeys, that some attendees were standing.

The panel on change management, titled Culture Shock: How a Legacy, Siloed Organization Can Move to the Cloud, featured cloud transformation strategies and advice from Sherry Stevens, cloud program manager and senior project manager at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and Jeffrey Olson, the vice president and chief data officer at The College Board.

“One of the key things early on, has been for us is to just recognize that the people side of this change, of this transformation, is just as critical as the technical side,” said Stevens.

NAIC has three applications in the cloud now in year two of a four-year journey. Stevens said change management is about more than just good communications. Training days, developing DevOps learning paths and using surveys for feedback were just a few steps in NAIC’s cloud migration culture shift.

Watch the discussion to hear lessons learned and best practices from both speakers:

Review the presenters’ slides:

Andrea Fox is Editor of and Senior Editor at Lexipol. She is based in Massachusetts.

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