Column: Disruption & Innovation for Local Governments

Our columnist Derek Porter encourages local governments to embrace disruptive technologies.

While budgets decrease, the expectations of constituents continue to increase. The voting public has strong opinions on how government functions and manages civic services and is sensitive to inefficiencies and budgetary waste.

There are a variety of solutions designed specifically for all types of government agencies. These technologies disrupt the old ways of doing things. Governments can automate and streamline processes, share information amongst departments, increase citizen engagement, and engage citizens through open communications.

Across North America, governments are transforming into smart cities seemingly overnight. Adopting innovative technologies as a means to improve efficiencies and generate revenue is becoming more affordable for local governments. However, optimism should not be confused with naivety. The challenges local governments face are daunting, but solutions are born out of necessity. Governments that are eager to evolve, and do not fear disruption, will have the opportunity to thrive by finding the technical innovations that will work for them.