Ambulances to Use Amazon Alexa to Get Fast Treatment Protocol

Brewster Ambulance Services will begin using Amazon Alexa to access the Massachusetts Emergency Medical Services Statewide Treatment Protocol.



A Massachusetts EMS agency plans to add Amazon Alexa into ambulances to allow first responders to access procedure protocol in a hands-free manner.

The Patriot Ledger reported that Brewster Ambulance Service EMS providers will soon be able to ask Alexa, Amazon Echo’s artificial intelligence personal assistant, questions about the Massachusetts Emergency Medical Services Statewide Treatment Protocol document that outlines EMS care standards.

DiBona said that while EMS providers have full knowledge of the document’s contents, they often use it to double check things like medicine measurements.

Currently, the document is available in a booklet or laptop, but with Alexa, responders will be able to shout out commands to get answers quickly.

“Tell me about congestive heart failure,” DiBona said as an example of what kind of requests Alexa will be able to respond to. The assistant will also be able to provide other information, such as what hospital is the closest.

The agency hopes to have Alexa implemented by July.