Questica welcomes Sheridan College

AUSTIN, Texas — GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (“GTY”), a leading provider of SaaS/Cloud solutions for the public sector, announces that its budgeting and transparency business unit, Questica Software Inc. (“Questica”), is welcoming their newest client, Sheridan College.

Founded in1967, Sheridan College (“Sheridan”) with three campuses in Ontario is one of Canada’s leading post secondary institutions, committed to delivering exceptional, purposeful learning experiences that prepare students for their career and life goals. Distinguished by its Creative Campus philosophy, small class sizes and hands-on learning experiences, Sheridan has over 23,000 full-time and 3,800 part-time students pursuing credentials from apprenticeships to diplomas, degrees and graduate certificates.With five research centres, an entrepreneurship hub and 183 active research projects, Sheridan has been named a top-five research college in Canada byResearch Infosource Inc. Furthermore, many Sheridan alumni are recognized for their achievements in fields such as Creative Arts and Design, Applied Health,Community Services, Technology, and Business.

To support its move toward an activity-based budgeting model, Sheridan searched for a budgeting system that could help implement this new de-centralized model, as well as provide an effective structure for all units to manage revenues and cost allocations. The Activities-Based Budget (ABB) is an incentive-based approach to budgeting. It shifts key decision-making from a central governance model to a more decentralized model. In addition, Sheridan wanted a system that could seamlessly integrate with their Peoplesoft financials, human resources and student systems, as well as automate budget preparation, financial planning and analysis.

“It is with pleasure that Questica is partnering with Sheridan College to provide them with a solution that can transform their budgeting process to improve the planning and management of fiscal resources,” said Craig Ross, Chief Revenue Officer at Questica. “Questica Budget is a best-of-breed system that helps colleges and universities deliver better outcomes. Sheridan now has a solution that provides greater departmental control over budgets while also improving accountability and transparency across the college.”

Questica Budget will provide a user-friendly, collaborative and comprehensive operating, capital and salary budget preparation and management solution for Sheridan’s over 130 users. The college can spend less time on managing discreet processes and focus even more on budget insights and strategic planning for the future.

“After a comprehensive RFP process, Sheridan procured Questica’s budgeting software to enable a more holistic approach to our financial planning and analysis activities and to help us successfully implement an activity-based budgeting model,” said Wayne Steffler, Vice-President & CFO, Finance & Administration, SheridanCollege. “Our new approach – enabled by this software – will promote greater transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision making across Sheridan, which are all critical to enacting our firm commitment to fiscal sustainability.”

“Sheridan College is one of Canada’s leading higher education institutions who believes in the transformative power of post secondary education. Questica Budget will provide Sheridan the solution to deliver efficiencies and value, enabling the college to focus on the success of its faculty and students,” said Stephen Rohleder, CEO of GTY Technology. “As part of our family of companies, Questica has grown to be a proven leader offering innovative budgeting solutions that fuels digital transformation for our public sector clients.”

Questica works with college and universities to better enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, saving time and improving stakeholder trust. With over 20 years of experience helping higher education institutions and other public sector organizations improve their budgeting and transparency practices, Questica has expanded to serve new schools and campuses across North America from small town colleges to leading national universities. Most recently the CaliforniaState University – Monterey Bay, Hocking College, Kalamazoo Valley CommunityCollege, University of PEI, and the University of Toronto.

Questica Budget is an end-to-end, cloud-based multi-user operating, capital and salary budgeting, performance measures and reporting solution. Colleges and universities use our system for multi-year planning, forecasting and analysis, budget workflow and audit trail, role-based security access, and amendment tracking. In addition, higher education institutions can conduct workforce planning, enrollment reporting, funding gap and revenue analysis, capital improvement planning, and revenue and activity-based modelling and unlimited what-if scenarios. As well, Questica OpenBook, our integrated budget transparency and data visualization tool can be used to share financial and other data such as interactive maps, charts, tables and graphs to promote and support deeper staff and student consultation and engagement.

For more information about how Questica Budget Suite, please visit our website at, or schedule a personal demonstration with one of our budget professionals.

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For over 20 years, Questica has partnered with public sector organizations to enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, productivity and improving stakeholder trust. Over 700 organizations across 48 states and 11 provinces and territories are using our budgeting,performance, transparency and engagement software solutions. For more information about Questica, visit