Questica partners with Ellucian and becomes Ethos Connected

BOSTON — GTY Technology Holdings Inc., a leading provider of SaaS/Cloud solutions for the public sector, announced today that its budgeting and transparency business unit, Questica Software Inc., has achieved Ethos Connected partner status with Ellucian, a leading provider of software and services built to power higher education.

“Questica is honored to be working with Ellucian to offer integrated solutions that assist higher education institutions with advancing their strategic goals,” said Craig Ross, President and CEO of Questica. “Together our companies will help colleges and universities modernize their business processes, discover new financial opportunities, and deliver better outcomes for their students and community.”

Through Ellucian Ethos, the Questica Budget Suite seamlessly integrates with Ellucian Banner, a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, for a secure, continuous flow of real-time data. As an Ethos Connected partner, Questica will better serve the higher education community by enabling data-driven decisions and coordinated business processes that drive results and enhance the end user experience. Questica Budget is a comprehensive and collaborative cloud-based solution for operating, capital and salary budget preparation. Using Questica Budget, colleges and universities can also conduct full-time employee and enrollment reporting, funding gap and revenue analysis, capital project planning, and reserve analysis. In addition, Questica OpenBook is a sophisticated data visualization tool that connects to Questica Budget for transforming budget data into engaging visuals that inform and educate higher education stakeholders.

As a result of this partnership, Questica’s end-to-end budgeting and transparency solutions support Ellucian’s mission to empower higher education institutions with powerful tools to enhance their operations.

About Questica
For over 20 years, Questica been working with public sector organizations - governments, hospitals and healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, K-12 schools and non-profits - to better enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, saving time and improving stakeholder trust. Our customers are using our Questica Budget Suite to drive budget transformation by creating a single source of data truth. Questica is a GTY Technology company. To learn more about Questica and how our software solutions can help your organization - check out our resources and news/blog sections, or request a demo today!