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Critical communications leader Genasys rebrands and launches world’s first protective communications latform

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Models enable collaboration between emergency and law enforcement personnel to anticipate impact and response needs

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Genasys a leading global provider of emergency preparedness and response solutions, today unveiled the launch of the first Protective Communications platform, Genasys Protect, and its new corporate brand. Protecting people and property for over 40 years, Genasys is used in more than 500 cities, counties, and states in the U.S., and in over 100 countries worldwide. Genasys serves both the public and private sectors, including federal agencies, state and local governments, and education as well as enterprise organizations in critical sectors such as oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare.

“Over the past 40 years, Genasys has continued to invest in cutting-edge, safety technology that empowers emergency responders to proactively address both the unexpected and the unavoidable,” said Richard Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of Genasys. “We take pride in equipping our customers with pioneering predictive modeling capabilities to better prepare and target their response plans. The continuous growth in our software and systems portfolio is a testament to our customers’ trust in Genasys to empower them to be ready when it matters.”

Genasys Protect – The First Unified Protective Communications Platform

Global climate realities dictate a new preparedness approach to public safety. Since the beginning of 2023, the United States alone has experienced 12 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each, while scientists warn the developing El Niño this year is likely to further escalate the severity of future events.

In response to the growing frequency and impact of natural disasters and critical events threatening public safety, Genasys has made significant investments in augmenting its software and systems to empower enterprises and federal, state, and local agencies to test and refine response and evacuation plans.

With the launch of Genasys Protect, the company is introducing the most comprehensive portfolio of preparedness, response, and analytics software and systems, including new predictive simulation models for various natural disasters and critical events. These models enable collaboration between emergency and law enforcement personnel to anticipate impact and response needs, conduct comprehensive test plans, and coordinate cross-jurisdictional activities before disasters hit. Additionally, Genasys launched a new Genasys Protect community mobile app that enables the public to access unified, location-based information and updates about developments in their own, surrounding, or user-selected geographic zones. The mobile app is now available for IOS and Android.

Specifically, new Genasys Protect capabilities include:

  • Predictive simulation modeling: A range of predictive simulation models empower proactive management of changing conditions near or during critical events to identify at-risk people, areas, and assets, that develop and refine location- and context-specific response plans.
  • Precision notification targeting: Intelligent zone-based planning drives the granular definition of geo-based segments, from entire counties and fractions of city blocks to individual properties and facilities, to ensure targeted communications are finely tuned and delivered to the right people at the right time.
  • Unified response orchestration: Comprehensive threat simulations enable agencies and enterprise safety teams to coordinate multi-agency responses, facilitating tighter collaboration and joint preparedness based on a shared, common operating picture.

“Our mission at Genasys is to empower safety professionals with the most advanced planning and response solutions,” said Avnita Gulati, VP of Marketing, Genasys. “At the core of our new brand launch is Genasys Protect, a first-of-its-kind Protective Communications platform, that equips emergency managers and first responders with a common operating picture that dramatically reduces response times during critical events.”

Strong Momentum for Genasys Protective Communications Solutions

Genasys’ continued investment in advanced safety software systems has paid off. More than 60 percent of California counties today rely on Genasys to keep their communities informed and safe, including most recently Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. In Colorado, multiple counties and cities, such as Boulder County and the City of Boulder, have adopted the state-of-the-art emergency response and critical communications solutions from Genasys, expanding coverage to 10 counties across the state. Additionally, Deep East Texas Council of Governments (DETCOG) chose Genasys as its multi-agency mass notification solution, serving as a unified system for 11 counties and municipalities, accommodating their diverse communication needs and assisting with resident outreach programs.

In addition to serving the public safety sector, the Genasys Protect platform is utilized across multiple sub verticals in the enterprise sector. “We are excited to partner with Genasys Inc. to improve emergency communications for the millions of visitors that attend Fenway Park events every year,” said Brian Shield, SVP, CTO, Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Management. “The safety of our fans, players and employees is a top priority of the Red Sox and being able to communicate quickly and efficiently across multiple channels in the case of an emergency is a critical tool in ensuring an inclusive, safe and memorable experience for all.”

In addition to the Red Sox, enterprises that have joined the growing portfolio of private organizations leveraging Genasys software and systems include Golden State Water (GSW), serving over one million homes. GSW utilizes the Genasys mass notifications for various purposes, including boil water advisories, maintenance notifications, employee communications, and paperless billing, enabling personalized messages to customers and employees alike.

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About Genasys Inc.

Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS) is the global leader in Protective Communications Solutions and Systems, designed around one premise: ensuring organizations and public safety agencies are “Ready when it matters™”. The company provides the Genasys Protect platform, the most comprehensive portfolio of preparedness, response, and analytics software and systems, as well as Genasys Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD®) that deliver directed, audible voice messages with intelligible vocal clarity from close range to 5,500 meters. Genasys serves state and local governmental agencies, and education (SLED); enterprise organizations in critical sectors such as oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, and automotive; and federal governments and the military. Genasys Protective Communications Solutions have diverse applications, including emergency warning and mass notification for public safety, critical event management for enterprise companies, de-escalation for defense and law enforcement, and automatic detection of real-time threats like active shooters and severe weather. Today Genasys protects over 70 million people globally and is used in more than 100 countries, including more than 500 cities, counties, and states in the U.S. For more information, visit genasys.com.