GIS Maps Can Track Incident Response During Events

GIS data can be used to give insights into the work of first responders.


AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Using a geofencing tool with geographic information systems (GIS), Austin-Travis County EMS created and shared a map of incidents with the public during a busy weekend for downtown. The SXSW music concert, which reportedly attracted 80,000 this year, coincided with St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Break.

Two years ago, a driver traveling the wrong way down a one-way street during SXSW killed four people and injured 25.

According to the local, “On March 15 there were 62 incidents, by March 16 another 64. By Thursday -- typically a favorite day to party among the young -- incidents grew by 43 from the previous day to reach the level of 107 incidents.” Incidents ranged from minor cuts to life-threatening injuries.

Captain Rick Rutledge told Gov1 the department has used geomapping for three years to track EMS response during SXSW.

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