New Jersey Prohibits 'Ghost Guns'

The New Jersey Governor outlaws 'ghost guns' and says commonsense state gun safety laws can co-exist with respect for the Second Amendment.


By Colleen O'Day

Prohibition on homemade, 3D-printed and other ‘ghost guns’ is latest step in governor’s campaign to strengthen already tough gun-control posture.

Moving closer to his goal of giving New Jersey the toughest gun-control laws in the nation, Gov. Phil Murphy on Thursday signed a prohibition on “ghost guns” — firearms that are homemade, 3D printed or otherwise undetectable by security scanners.

The new law is the latest by the Murphy administration, working with the Democratic-controlled Legislature, enhancing firearms regulations in New Jersey. And it is not likely to be the last, as he and lawmakers unveiled a new bill package just last week.

We want to be the number-one state in the nation as it relates to commonsense state gun safety laws,” Murphy declared during a signing ceremony in Trenton attended by activists from a number of gun-control organizations, “and we think there is no reason we can’t be that and still respect the Second Amendment.”

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